Business mediation with Aletta Renken

You have a conflict with your business partner, within your company or in the workplace, and you can't work it out together. The communication stagnates, the cooperation evaporates and recriminations fly back and forth. You want to change the situation, preferably as quickly as possible. And that can happen with mediation. You will receive expert guidance during discussions and negotiations in order to reach a solution together. With clear rules, short lines, space to tell your story, to be seen and heard and for it to feel safe. And above all, that the mediator understands what you are talking about.

I am Aletta Renken and have extensive experience and expertise in mediation in business and employment. With my results-oriented approach, I am happy to help you find a solution.


Enthusiasm for mediation

My motivation as a mediator is resolving business conflicts and restarting stalled negotiations. My challenge is for you to start thinking: "I hadn't seen it that way before". As a mediator I set you in motion, give you new insights so that you start acting in a more positive and future-oriented way.

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Aletta Renken Mediation

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