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Companies and individuals, on the one hand, and banks, insurers and investors, on the other, partner with each other on the basis of know-how, expertise and trust. In some relationships, years of investment and interdependence have been established. If this trust is damaged by conflict, putting the relationship at risk, business mediation can offer a solution.

What business conflicts?

Financing and InsuranceBusiness conflicts can arise, for example, from:

  • differing interpretations of agreements;
  • joint and several liability, surety, guarantees;
  • establishing or enforcing securities pledge and mortgage;
  • refinancing;
  • factoring and leasing; .
  • dilution of shares;
  • disputed liability or reliance on exclusion clauses.

Business mediation brings clarity

In this type of business conflict, you may be tempted to dig in legally and in writing. Experience shows that that is not necessary and you can usually benefit if you sit down together under the guidance of an experienced business mediator. The substance of the matter can then be clarified, communication normalized and a greater understanding of each other developed. Trust restored is the beginning of a solution.

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