IT, Telecom and IP

Conflicts over IT, Telecom and Intellectual Property (IP) often go to the heart of business activity. Business continuity is at stake, parties depend on each other, a lot of money is involved, and technical developments are rapid.


  • Licenses can be infringed, they can expire in bankruptcy or be revoked if fees are not paid. Current and potential contracts based on those licenses are at risk and third parties may suffer damage;
  • In automation projects, agreements are recorded in writing, but what is on paper does not always match reality. Expectations, intentions and execution may differ. Sometimes a difference of opinion or interpretation remains;
  • The right expertise or personal match may not be found among project managers or IT specialists. The guidance does not run as desired. Mistakes are made and then the question of hirer liability may arise.

Creative and sustainable solutions in business mediation

You need quick, creative and lasting solutions. Not so much a solution from a legal standpoint, but from mutual interests. You want to influence the direction of the solution, which needs to be practical and future-oriented. You also want to be able to talk in confidence without reputations being at stake. Business mediation is then ideally suited. The advantage of business mediation is that you can immediately agree on who should implement certain agreements. Implementation can happen immediately. There is no need to wait for a verdict.

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